2009 edition

Jackson Magazine 2009 edition

Format: A4 (210x297 mm)
Pages: 40
Language: English
No longer available

Jackson Magazine 2009 edition offers a full retrospect of the year 2009 covering all the news, highlights and events of The Jacksons and the Next Generation in the form of articles, interviews, photos, categories and exclusive contributions from Jackson Family members. Jackson Magazine is a full color annual Jackson Source print on demand publication and offered for private use. The publication is not intended for commercial gain or use and no profits are being made.


  • the good the bad and the sad of This Is It
  • Michael's memorial and funeral
  • keeping Michael's legacy alive
  • the Jacksons Dynasty series


  • Taj Jackson & T-Rio on Code Z

And also...

  • Jackson Telegraph (news headlines of 2009)
  • Motown releases
  • and lots more!

Feedback from the Jacksons:
Marlon: I enjoyed the magazine. Thank you for the support of my family.
Taj: I absolutely loved magazine. I thought it was really great and very well done. So professional. 
Genevieve: It's great I love it...!
TJ: It's beautiful. You really do an excellent job with it. Thanks for all your support.
Jackie: Am reading the latest Jackson Magazine, I love it. It's a beautiful issue in memory of my brother Michael (Twitter, Feb 13).
T-Rio (Thayana, Thaina & Thaisa: Thank you and congratulations, the edition is awesome!!! :-)
Alejandra Jackson: Great work!