The Jackson 5 Third US Tour (1972)

Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael visit venues in circa 50 cities during their third tour of the United States. 

Date Venue Place  
1 January Municipal Auditorium Nashville, TN  
2 January Coliseum Greenville, SC  
12 January City Auditorium Atlanta, GA  
30 June Madison Square Garden New York, NY  
1 July Civic Center Baltimore, MD  
2 July Scope Norfolk, VA  
7 July Coliseum Richmond, VA  
8 July Coliseum  Charlotte, NC  
9 July Coliseum Greensboro, NC  
14 July Cincinnati Gardens Cincinnati, OH  
15 July  Civic Center Arena Pittsburgh, PA  
16 July  Public Auditorium Cleveland, OH   
18 July  International Amphitheater Chicago, IL  
21 July Civic Center Arena Pittsburgh, PA  
22 July Memorial Auditorium Dallas, TX  
23 July Coliseum Houston, TX  
24 July Memorial Auditorium New Orleans, LA  
4 August Coliseum Columbia, SC  
5 August   Atlanta, GA  
6 August Municipal Auditorium Nashville, TN  
11 August   Savannah, GA  
12 August   Washington, DC  
13 August   Charlotte, WV  
17 August Kentucky State Fair Louisville, KY  
18 August Municipal Auditorium St. Louis, MO  
19 August Kiel Auditorium St. Louis, MO  
20 August Indiana State Fair Indianapolis, IN  
22 August Missouri State Fair Sedalia, MO  
25 August Cow Palace San Francisco, CA  
26 August The Forum Los Angeles, CA  
27 August   San Diego, CA  
30 September     International Amphitheater     Chicago, IL PUSH Expo: Save the Children (2:00 pm show)

Credit goes to J5 Collector for the show dates.